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Waterproof Paper

[Oct 2015]

Writing on paper under water (or in rain)

If you need writable waterproof paper, here is how you can make waterproof paper yourself.

Unicode Input Utility

[Mar 2015]

See Unicode Input for a Windows utility to enter Unicode characters. (See this short list for some frequently used characters)

Moleskine Reloaded

[Apr 2014]

Anleitung: Herstellung eines ledergebundenen Taschenbuchs, das erstens flexibel ist und zweitens keine harten Kanten hat.

Viel Spass beim Nachbau!

Masterarbeit: Bestimmungsschlüssel für Bäume …

[Nov 2013]

… und diverse andere Dinge! Hast du dich jemals gefragt, was da genau für ein Baum vor deiner Haustür wächst, oder ob das Insekt eine Schwebfliege oder eine Wespe ist? Auf Wikipedia findet man die Antwort nur durch Durchklicken zahlloser Seiten. Einfacher geht es mit Bestimmungsschlüsseln, die aber vor allem in Buchform vorhanden sind. Dieser nicht!

Langfristig ist geplant, den Schlüssel auf Wikidata zu portieren, wo dann jeder mitarbeiten und Schlüssel zu neuen Themen erstellen kann.


[Apr 2013]

Für die Matlab-Vorlesung an der ETH Zürich. LaTeX rules!

Download: Zusammenfassung-Matlab-Octave.pdf

New Design

[Aug 2012]

After five years it is finally time for some face-lifting.

Before and after can be compared on the right.

The Table of Contents is hidden by default now (if JavaScript is enabled) and can be expanded. The arrow keys still work on the image pages.

Images in galleries all have the same size, landscape oriented pictures are no more disadvantaged ;)

More on


[Aug 2011]

slowmoVideo is my bachelor thesis. It calculates slow-motion videos from videos at normal speed, and also supports motion blur.

The program is OpenSource. More videos are here.

Smoke in Ultra-Slowmotion from Simon A. Eugster on Vimeo.

Spray cans and caps

[Jan/Aug 2011]

Lots of tips and information about spray painting, including a big spray cap list:

Updated around August 2011 (Caps and cans added).

Video editing


Some blog posts I wrote about topics in video editing, mainly regarding color:


[Mai 2010]

How to build a grid spot for a flashlight: Grid Spot Tutorial

OpenStreetMap Maps for Garmin

[Dec 2009] builds a gmapsupp.img file (can be transferred directly to the Garmin device) from .osm.bz2 files (raw data from OpenStreetMap, can e.g. be downloaded at or All information provided is being stored in XML files and will be re-used next time, so country name and abbreviation won’t have to be inserted each time again. Usage example: more …


[Juli 2009]

Update October: Installing LAME for Windows 7

This time in English again. A tutorial about VirtualDub, how it is working. Have fun!


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